Bespoke Features

At Apex gates we specialise in creating bespoke gates, panels and trellis designed to fit your exact requirements.

We aim to satisfy our customers with a truly unique high quality product.

Choose from a wide range of styles and features.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries or ideas on design or materials. We are happy to offer our expert advice on any gate related matter.

Bespoke Gate Features

Gate tops:

  • Capped Gate

  • Exposed Top (and Bottom Rails)

  • Curved Top Rail

  • Trellis Top

  • Round or Pointed Top Stiles

  • Round/bow Top

  • Swooping Top


  • Feather Edge/ Close Board

  • Tanilised Tgv

  • Ship Lap

  • Standard Lap

  • Palisade

  • Standard Frame

  • Stepped Up Frame

  • Hard and Soft Timber

Staining treatment and painting:

  • Sadolin colour range, long lasting and durable

  • Langlow stains (annual coating)

  • Painted to your exact requirements unlimited choice

  • Expert advice

  • Re-treatment service

  • Service for all sizes and styles of gate or panel


  • Galvanized coil nails

  • Stainless steel nails

Galvanised & Stainless Steel Fixtures

In order to keep up with our ethos of creating a long lasting durable product we provide a full range of galvanised fixtures to fit and secure your gates. We offer advice on which fixtures would best serve your needs, so as to provide the best security and aesthetic value for your range of gate.


We stock a vast range of T-hinges, cup and band and adjustable hinges to best suit each individual gates requirements.


  • Gate-mate locks
  • Embedded dead locks
  • Yale locks
  • Ring latches
  • Drop bolts & Throw latches
  • Brenton Bolts


Please contact us to discuss your required fixtures. We will be able to provide advice on appropriate products and can source unique fixtures from our various suppliers.

Call Ian     : 07432135425


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