Driveway Gates


Apex crafts Driveway Gates from hand-picked timber sourced locally from high quality hard and soft wood merchants.Our driveway gates provide security for the home and enhance the front entrance to a property and provide privacy. Check our full range of driveway gates and all available "Bespoke" features  here.

Side Entrance Gates

Hampton gate           Clear treated TGV     Bow top TGV

Apex has a range of side entrance gates made from kiln dried softwood which is then tanilised to protect it against weathering. Gates offer security and privacy for back gardens and can help keep pets and children in a safe environment.

Check our full range of Side entrance gates and all available "Bespoke" features  here.

Small Gates


Apex has a range of smaller gates for gardens and pathways. Apex creates original designs and we are happy to listen to what you the customer requires and create something truly bespoke and unique.

See more small gates and all available "Bespoke" features here.

Classic Round Topped Cottage Gate

Garage Doors

Apex has recently branched out its range to include Garage doors made out of hand-picked quality timber. Our bespoke garage doors are made to fit perfectly, to be atheistically pleasing and to provide strong security. Apex garage doors can be fitted with a range of different locks as required by the customer.

Replacements & Recreations

Pine window shutters

Apex will be happy to lovingly reproduce your favourite old gate or replicate a gate you desire for your own property.

Langford gate, white

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